Launch to Employees

Employee Journey

We know you care about your employees, and so do we!
Employment Hero was made to make your employees’ work life easier and more prosperous. You can see below how we’ll communicate with them in order to help them to use the platform.

1. Email Invitation
As soon as you press “Invite Employees” in the system, we’ll send them a welcome email with their login details and a link to sign in.

2. Account Setup
Once the employee signs in for the first time at Employment Hero, they will receive a warm welcome from our customer success team, giving them a brief overview of how the platform works from the employee point of view.
See template here!

3. Mobile App
Two days after they first login, we’ll let them know that they can easily manage their employee admin by downloading the Mobile App for free.
See template here!

4. Engagement
Finally, we’ll send them a quick email detailing some top tips for them to get the most out of Employment Hero, going through the coolest features we have to make their lives easier.
See template here!

*Throughout all of these communications, your employees will be able to access the Employees Page,
where they can learn more about what Employee Hero can do for them.

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