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Implementation Guide

Once you choose to contract our implementation service and complete the sales process, an implementation coordinator will be in touch with you to go through the next steps.


Below you can see a standard project plan. Once you have access to Wrike (our project management tool) you’ll see specific milestones, tasks, and dates for your own implementation project:

*Please note that the length of the project is dependent on the complexity of what needs to be configured, which means the timeframes could be shorter or longer.


1. Scoping Documents
You’ll receive the scoping documents from your Sales Contact person or the Employment Hero BDM. You may be required to fill out all documents, depending on the solution you have purchased (HR and Payroll). Once you have filled these documents out, you can send them to
If you already have an allocated Employment Hero Coordinator, send it directly to them via email or upload it into Wrike.

2. Project Kick Off
After submitting your scoping documents, your project coordinator will reach out to kick off your implementation project and go through it step by step with you.

3. Training
Right after your kick-off call, you’ll be provided with access to our project management tool: Wrike. Once you login into Wrike, you’ll be able to complete the task titled “Complete Hero Academy Training”. If you have not received a login, please contact

4. Complete Implementation
Now that you’re running through the project, your Employment Hero Coordinator will provide you with access to your project plan, highlighting the milestones and estimated dates. At this stage, we’ll be working to complete tasks together to ensure everything on the platform is configured to meet your expectations. We then will ask for you to sign off to verify the implementation is complete.

5. Launch Plan
Once your implementation is complete, you’re now ready to deploy your platform to your organization. Many organizations will have a plan for how this works, however, not everyone will have a standard in place. Here is a recommendation of steps you can take in order to introduce Employment Hero to your employees and go live:

Create a Communication Plan: The drive for procuring a new system is to realise the benefits it brings to your organisation. Often people forget that the end users who are actually in the platform may not know of all the benefits it brings. We would recommend that you draft an email to the different stakeholders in your organisation giving them information regarding what the platform does, why it’s been implemented, and the benefits it brings!
Click here to download our email templates!

Prepare and Generate Hype: Now that you have announced the system, you need to do is ensure that everyone who needs to interact with the system knows how to do so. Here are some tasks we recommend you facilitate with your organization:

A. Training for employees and managers: Work through the standard things they need to complete on the platform, organise some hands-on tutorials, and distribute some videos for them to look through.

B. A demo to your Manager and executive team: While these stakeholders may have been involved it’s always great to demonstrate the final product and once again review the benefits the platform brings.

C. Plan a Launch Event: Your hard work is now coming to fruition, the platform is ready to launch, and the company is about to see a return on the investment it’s made. We have had clients have held small lunches or booked function halls to help celebrate this important event. People should be aware of the benefits of the platform by this point, and so this event would be a great way to recognise the importance of the launch and thank the various teams in your organisation for their support.

Launch and ask for a feedback:
The best platform launches can often be soured by poor experiences from their end users. Help prevent this from happening by asking for feedback and getting ahead of the problems and understanding what potential problems there are. By proactively taking the feedback you can demonstrate that you’re implementing measures to take their concerns into account and that your priority is making sure the platform provides value to your organisation. 
You may find that the feedback may be related to training or the process you’ve set internally and this will help you iron out the kinks and ensure good use of the system. If the feedback is in regards to functionality please forward this through to the support team at We’re always looking to improve the product and value any feedback provided.

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