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Keep Compliant

After importing your employees, it’s now time to keep compliant by following the steps below:


We highly recommend you finish these steps before going live.

1. Configure Reporting Lines
Assigning the reporting lines is an important step before you to go live, so that you can link employees to their managers for leave approvals and more.

2. Policies & Induction Content
This is an important compliance step to complete before inviting your employees, and allows them access to important documents within your company along with information about your company’s processes. Compliance can be quite tricky, so our team of employment lawyer specialists have created a useful policies library which you can update to fit your needs and upload into your account. These policies are always up to date with the Australian Employment Laws, so you’ll never need to worry about not being compliant! If you already have your own policies, you can upload them into the platform as well!

3. Certifications
Employment Hero allows organisations to create, configure and assign certifications to their employees. These certifications can be licences, qualifications, checks (such as police and credit checks) or even training that an organisation requires from their employees. As an Admin/Owner, you can add and assign certifications to employees by navigating to the Certifications section of the Settings tab. Employees will then have to fill out the certifications that have been assigned to them in their My Files section.


There are some useful compliance features that can be completed either before or after you launch. It’s up to you to decide when you want to set them up:

4. Onboarding Checklists
Onboarding checklists are a list of tasks that need to be completed when onboarding a new employee. For example; prepare a security pass. These tasks are created once the employer has finished the onboarding steps for the new employee.

5. Setup Contracts
Our team of employment lawyers specialists have created a useful contract library, which you can update to fit your needs and upload to your account. You can also build your own contracts using our new Template Management tool.

6. HR Reporting
Different to payroll reporting, you can now extract HR reports from the system that can tell you things about your staff in bulk. For example, who has and hasn’t signed contracts/HR documents, who has acknowledged policies, Annual Terminations, and Headcount Demographic information on your staff.

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